Wednesday, September 7, 2022

What to Do About that Brown Lawn

The summer heat and water bans were tough on everyone’s lawns; yours likely turned brown. If your lawn was healthy before the drought, you are best off to leave your lawn be. Grass is a hardy, cool-weather perennial, and it will come back with rain and falling temperatures. Just pull crabgrass and other obvious weeds before they set seed. But, if your lawn was already in rough shape, it may be time to renovate. Renovation may be as simple as reseeding bare spots; or as comprehensive as killing all vegetation, followed by reseeding the entire area. Cooler temperatures and ample rainfall in mid-September provide favorable growing conditions for new seedlings and for grass to become established. Always get a soil test first and amend the soil before seeding, being sure to correct pH and nutrient deficiencies as recommended by the soil test results. And, if you found that you can live without a lawn, consider planting native perennials, shrubs or trees. They need less maintenance and once established, less water. 


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