Monday, September 23, 2019

Plants & trees need our help! 💦💦💦

Fall is officially here!

We have had a warm, dry September.  Though it has allowed us to spend more time outdoors, some plants may be showing drought stress in any areas that do not have controlled irrigation. This is a crucial time for plants to have adequate water, as they prepare for winter dormancy.  Most energy is being directed to root growth and they need moisture.  Lack of water in fall can lead to winter burn and could be fatal to some trees or shrubs.

Check the soil around your gardens - if it seems dry and dusty, give the beds a drink. Slow and steady watering will help the water get deep into the ground and encourage roots to grow deeper as well. Consider using a drip hose that runs for extended periods for the most efficient application.  Rain may help, but keep in mind that a quick downpour does not allow time for the water to be absorbed and usually results in runoff.  Also, a dense tree canopy above will prevent most of the rain from touching the ground at all. 💦🍂

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Our new Town Hall Welcome Garden!

Click to enlarge the flyers below to see the details of our latest civic development project for the Town of Dracut.  We welcome your help in creating a beautiful Welcome Garden!

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Christmas at the Coburn House, 12/8

Last year's Christmas at the Coburn House was such a success that we're hosting it again!  Please join us and help spread the word!

Click on the flyers to enlarge the details.