Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Extra Care for Houseplants

Think about your houseplants from their point of view: Your home is warm but there is little humidity, and sometimes hot air blows over you. The sunlight coming through the windows is very weak in February. You may be left in the hands of plant sitters who over-water or under-water and forget to give you a quarter turn every week so you don’t start to lean into the window, where you could get frostbite.

If you are responsible for the plants in your house, remember they need care, especially in winter. Give your plants a shower in the sink or tub to remove dust and grime that lands on leaves, spray them weekly or set them on pebbles with water below the pot to increase humidity in your home. Water only sparingly until growth begins again. And for plant’s sake, don’t fertilize until they have more sun (or artificial light) to make use of fertilizer.


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