Tuesday, August 2, 2016

dry, dry, DRY!

It’s official now: it is dry, dry, dry.

Like many areas, we seem to be missed by every storm going north or south of us. But even those getting a quick dousing from the occasional ‘pop-up’ thunderstorms aren’t getting nearly enough. What’s a gardener to do? First, respect watering bans. Towns are worried about having enough water for people –to drink, cook, shower and flush. Minimize your home water use any way you can. When you water outside, water early in the day when the air is coolest to lose the least to evaporation. Don’t water at night when water left on leaves can promote fungus diseases. But do water your vegetable garden: they are annuals that are feeding you and your family so it should be a priority. If it is allowed, water new trees, shrubs and perennials. They lack an established root systems and need the extra help.

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