Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Planning

Continue to stay off any soggy soils around your yard but, as it firms up, remove any winter debris from garden beds and lawns. Seed heads left up for the birds need to come down before the new growth begins.

If you already have plans for new plantings, head to the nurseries while the inventory is high. Now is a great time to start putting in woody plants—trees and shrubs will have a chance to start establishing their roots before the heat of summer makes the work harder for your new plant’s reduced root system. As it is Earth Day this month, think native trees and shrubs. Consider an Oxydendron, a beautiful tree with a graceful shape for your front lawn that blooms in July-August and puts on magnificent colors in the fall. Put in a calycanthus (also called a sweetshrub) that offers some of the best fragrance of any shrub. Calycanthus will give pleasure all summer if you go with the less showy but nonstop-blooming native species. Give your new shrubs a good start and loving care for several years and they will last a lifetime.

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