Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Get an earlier start on your garden this spring!

Eastern Massachusetts is getting an earlier start on the gardening season this year than in the recent past. There’s no reason not to have planted cold-weather crops like spinach. Unless we get a real cold snap, you can put in the early salad greens and most oriental greens now. If there’s a cold night, cover your vegetables with floating row cover or an old sheet in the late afternoon — and remember to remove the cover as the day warms. By mid-month you can add beet, radishes, turnips, kale and cabbage.

If you start your own tomatoes, cucumbers, basil or melons indoors, do so now. Remember they need light, warmth, and good air circulation to flourish. Many seedlings succumb to fungal diseases because of excessive watering or an environment that encourages fungal growth.

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