Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs are up on or ahead of schedule this year. The bulbs in your garden bloom using the energy they built up the previous year so, to ensure a colorful 2017, use a rainy day this month to put down an organic fertilizer (unless the ground is squishy) to feed the bulb’s roots for next year. Never cut down or braid daffodil foliage. Daffodil greens send down food to the bulb until mid-summer, when the foliage turns yellow and die naturally. Do you hate the sight of the yellowing foliage? Plant perennials around the bulbs. Perennials come up later and hide the dying foliage naturally. If you have bulbs (such as Chionodoxa) naturalized in your lawn, give them a month after blooming before mowing. The grass will also appreciate the extra time to put energy into the roots after the winter.

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