Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Nature Happenings - June 2016

June 3
Newly metamorphosed from tadpoles, multitudes of tiny toadlets may appear in your garden or wooded yard if you live near a small pond or wetland.

June 5
On a midday walk you could happen upon a garter snake—the state reptile of Massachusetts—basking in a sunny forest clearing or grassy meadow.

June 14
Garden butterflies are about. Watch for favorites including swallowtails, painted ladies, fritillaries, and sulphurs.

June 20
Summer solstice, ushered in by the Full Rose Moon (Colonial American). Longest day of the year.

June 26
Field wildflowers such as Joe-Pye weed, black-eyed Susan, and milkweed bloom.

June 28
Tiny gray treefrogs, often heard yet seldom seen, are camouflaged against tree trunks to which they cling with their sticky toe pads as they sound their birdlike trill.

Excerpt taken from Mass Audubon's Outdoor Almanac.

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