Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Art in Bloom at Museum of Fine Arts

As always, it's a challenge when we are assigned an Asian piece of art.  This year we had a framed set of five Japanese woodblock prints.  They were very colorful visions of ladies of the pleasure quarter parading down the main street in their new finery on New Year's Day.  Laurel and I made a container by gluing red bamboo onto a plastic window box since we had a large pedestal that would hold the arrangement.  We chose yellow spider mums to represent their headpieces and added red glads and red spider orchids to mirror the reds in the prints.  We added pine, bamboo, and flowering quince as symbols of the New Year in Japan.  

The arrangement was well-received by both museum people and the general public.  If you did not get to see it at the MFA, I hope you had a chance to view it at the Dracut Public Library.  It was there for a week or so, but sadly looked a little droopy by the end.  As we all know, fresh flowers don't last forever.

--Mary Jo 

DGC members at the 37th annual Art in Bloom

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